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Category Tag: Packaging Reels

To prevent mechanical & ESD damage to devices during shipping and storage, loaded carrier tape is typically wound onto a plastic take-up reel.

LOKREEL® Mini – 7”

Made from general-purpose and high-impact polystyrene for added strength and durability.  Our 7” LOKREEL® Mini is available in a variety of widths, with anti-static coatings and carbon-loaded for tight surface resistivity specifications. An Eco version using regrind material is also available in black. The reels with virgin material are available in white, blue, and black colors.

LOKREEL® Pro – 13”

Advantek’s patented LOKREEL® Pro component packaging reels are ideal for shipment and storage of any component packaged in carrier tape. The robust LOKREEL® Pro high-impact injection molded polystyrene construction with small window size offers exceptional protection to devices. LOKREEL® Pros are sold and shipped disassembled in halves to minimize shipping cost and provide compact storage.

LOKREEL® Lite – 13”

Advantek’s LOKREEL® Lite plastic injection-molded packaging reels are an exceptional choice where price is a key concern. LOKREEL® Lite reels are designed to achieve a combination of structural integrity, lower weight and lower cost than the premium reels. The LOKREEL® Lite is built with the same durable hub structure as the premium LOKREEL® Pro and the high-impact molded polystyrene offers exceptional protections to devices.

LOKREEL® Trimline – 13″

Advantek’s LOKREEL® Trimline plastic injection-molded packaging reels are an exceptional choice where price is a key concern. LOKREEL® Trimline reels offer an excellent balance between structural integrity, lower weight, and are lower cost than LOKREEL Lite® reels, but keep the same durable hub structure. The flanges have larger windows to reduce the amount of plastic used and support one label as large as 2.4″x4″ (61mm x 102mm) each.

  •  Shipped in halves to decrease shipping costs by up to 70%
  • “Nest-stacked”, high density packaging reduces needed storage space by as much as 60%
  • Halves configuration offers flexibility in managing different reel widths needed during productions from 8mm to 56mm
  • Assembles with simple twisting motion, no gluing or fasteners

LOKREEL® Ultra – 15”

Ideal for handling more components/devices on a single reel, the Advantek 15” LOKREEL® Ultra is injection-molded using specially formulated high impact polystyrene (HIPS) material and finished with an application of an anti-static agent for ESD protection. An assembled reel is comprised of two inter-locking flanges suitable for winding and transporting carrier tape loaded with components. Each LOKREEL® Ultra flange is built with the same durable structure as our premium 13” LOKREEL® PRO.

LOKREEL® Jumbo – 22”

When you need a high volume of components per reel, choose the 22” LOKREEL® Jumbo. The LOKREEL® Jumbo reel’s all-plastic construction makes it ideal for particle-sensitive environments where paper or cardboard reels are not suitable. The Jumbo reel’s sturdy design and high-impact injection-molded polystyrene construction combine to offer exceptional protection to packaged components. Reels are anti-static coated for ESD protection.

  • Simple and easy assembly – flange and hub snap together in just seconds
  • As many as six 4″x6″ labels can be applied on each flange
  • Available in a variety of hub widths from 16mm to 56mm
  • Reels are anti-static coated for ESD protection
  • Multiple flange options with 1/2″, 1″ and 3″ arbor hole

LOKREEL® Hub Extender

Advantek’s LOKREEL® Hub Extenders are designed to enable more width options and maintaining a flat hub surface after assembly, while keeping the advantages of LOKREEL flange shipments. Extenders use the same high-impact polystyrene material as the LOKREEL® flanges. The hub extenders have the same inter-locking core pins as 13″ LOKREEL® Pro, Lite, and Ultra.

  • Diameter options of 4″, 7″, and 6″
  • Extenders enable wide reels to be shipped in halves, decreasing shipping costs by up to 70%
  • The “Nest-stacking” high density packaging reduces needed storage space by as much as 60%
  • Extender width options of 28, 40, 72, and 104mm, enables reel widths of 36, 44, 56, 72, 88, 104, 120, and 136mm
  • Assembles with simple twisting motion, no gluing or fasteners