Standard Embossed Carrier Tape

Advantek standard embossed carrier tape is provided in single and level wind reel configurations. The number of meters of carrier tape that will fit on a given reel is conditional upon the pocket pitch, pocket depth, and reel configuration. Our standard embossed carrier tape is manufactured in accordance with EIA, JIS, and EIAJ standards in a range of widths from 8mm to 200mm, and lengths up to 1000 meters, depending on the size and orientation of the device being packaged. Advantek will use a manufacturing process and material to ensure your requirements are met.

Several single-wind reel flange diameters are available, including 13 inches, 22 inches (standard), and 30 inches. Level-wind reel flange diameters include 14.25 inches, 22 inches, and 30 inches.  Both corrugated paper and corrugated plastic reel flanges are offered.

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