Polystyrene Clear Insulative – S-Series

Advantek’s S-Series clear insulative polystyrene carrier tape is designed for superior performance. Its insulative qualities make it ideal for packaging capacitors, mechanicals, and other passive devices. The material’s high transparency enables easy in-pocket part inspection, while its uniform surface texture provides a consistently flat sealing area. This specially modified polystyrene offers exceptional strength and stability over time and temperature variations while maintaining flexibility.

  • Engineered to fit a wide range of tape sizes and pocket design features
  • Clear properties enable added benefits with visual inspection options
  • All Advantek carrier tape is manufactured in accordance with current EIA 481 standards to ensure compatibility with tape and reel equipment

Material properties

Property Typical Value Test Method
Material Code – Thickness S- 0.30 mm  –
Specific Density 1.05 g/cc JIS K 6911
Elongation 40% (MD)
30% (TD)
JIS K 6714
Tensile Strength 5400 psi (MD)
4830 psi (TD)
JIS K 6714
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity 256,000 psi (MD)
242,000 psi (TD)
JIS K 6734
Hardness 85 HRC ASTM D785
Surface Resistivity >1012 Ω/sq ASTM D257


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