Polystyrene Black Tri-Laminate – C-Series

Advantek’s exclusive C-Series Polystyrene Black Tri-Laminate (PS+C) carrier tape provides devices maximum protection from physical and ESD damage during shipping and storage. The C-Series is available in a variety of thicknesses to ensure the optimal design for the broadest range of applications.

  • Suitable for standard and complex pocket designs
  • Formulated to provide maximum crush resistance and consistent peel force with heat activated and pressure sensitive cover tapes 
  • All Advantek carrier tape is manufactured in accordance with current EIA 481 standards to ensure compatibility with tape and reel equipment 
  • Widths from 8 to 88mm 
  • Lengths up to 1000m

Material properties

Property Typical Value Typical Value Test Method
Material Code – Thickness V – 0.21 mm
C – 0.30 mm
X – 0.35 mm
T – 0.50 mm
CF – 0.40 mm  –
Specific Density 1.06 g/cc 1.07 g/cc ASTM D792
Tear Strength LD 0.53 lb
TD 0.61 lb
LD 0.53 lb ASTM D1938
Elongation LD 65%
TD 14%
LD 58% ASTM D882
Tensile Strength LD 6575 psi
TD 6445 psi
LD 6600 psi ASTM D882
Vicat Softening 90°C (194°F)  107°C (225°F) ASTM D1525
Surface Resistivity ≥105<1012  Ohms/Square ≥105<1012  Ohms/Square ASTM D257

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