Polycarbonate Black Monolayer – Q-Series

Advantek’s Q-Series Polycarbonate material provides superior performance, especially for small pockets requiring very sharp pocket features and support for high draw ratios. ESD-safe polycarbonate maintains its flexibility, stability and strength through time and temperature variations. Advantek’s Q-Series carrier tape is available for standard and cleanroom compatible applications.

  • Engineering for high-precision pockets supporting small components, LEDs and bare die applications
  • Cleanroom compatible processing available
  • All Advantek carrier tape is manufactured in accordance with current EIA 481 standards to ensure compatibility with tape and reel equipment

Material properties

Property Typical Value Test Method
Material Code – Thickness QA – 0.20mm
QB – 0.25mm
QC – 0.30mm
Q – 0.33 mm
Specific Density 1.27 g/cc ISO 1183
Tensile Strength, Break 61 MPa ISO 527
Tensile Elongation, Break 7-9% ISO 527
Flexural Strength 100 MPa ISO 178
Surface Resistivity ≥104, <1012 Ohms/Sq IEC 60093

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