Polycarbonate Black Monolayer – Q-Series

Advantek‘s Q-Series Polycarbonate material provides superior performance, especially for small pockets requiring very sharp pocket features and support for high draw ratios. ESD-safe polycarbonate maintains its flexibility, stability and strength through time and temperature variations. Advantek‘s Q-Series carrier tape is available for standard and clean room compatible applications.

  • Engineering for high-precision pockets supporting small components, LEDs and bare die applications
  • Cleanroom compatible processing available
  • All Advantek carrier tape is manufactured in accordance with current EIA 481 standards to ensure compatibility with tape and reel equipment

Material properties

Property Unit Setup Value Standard
Material Thickness mm  – QA – 0.20mm

QB – 0.25mm

QC – 0.30mm

Q – 0.33mm

Gloss @ 60°
GU Shiny 50 – 85 ASTM D523
Matte 9 – 30
Surface Resistance Ohms Shiny 1.0E5 – 1.0E11 STM 11.13
Matte 1.0E5 – 1.0E11
Tensile Strength @ Break Psi Machine Direction 5000 – 9000 ASTM D882
Elongation @ Break % 15 – 30
Glass Transition Temperature °C 10°C/min 110 – 120 ASTM 3418
Density g/cm3 1.0 – 1.5 ASTM D792
Color Black ADV Internal
Transmittance % ASTM D1003
Haze %

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