LOKREEL® Mini – RE series

Advantek’s LOKREEL Mini RE 7” static dissipative component packaging reels provide excellent protection when shipping small components in carrier tape. It‘s made from general-purpose and high-impact polystyrene – for added strength and durability

  • Available in two hub sizes
    • 60mm / 2.36 inches
    • 127mm / 5.0 inches
  • Available in 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32mm widths
  • Accommodates labels up to 2 x 4“
  • Available with anti-static (P/N suffix: WT/RBK/BL) or with tighter SR (P/N suffix: DBK)
  • Reels may be ordered in white, black, and blue

Material properties

Property Typical Value Test Method
Tensile Strength 20 MPa ISO 572
Elongation 40% ISO 572
Flexural Modulus 1360 MPa ISO 178
Heat Distortion Temperature  77°C ASTM D 648
Specific Gravity 1.03 g/cc ASTM D 792
Surface Resistivity WT/BL/BK: ≥1.0E5, <1.0E12 Ohms/sq.
DBK: ≥1.0E5, <1.0E10 Ohms/sq.
ASTM D 257

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