ABx Cover Tape

Advantek’s ABx™ Cover Tape is a heat-actived antistatic cover tape. This high-quality, low-cost product was developed to reduce the tendency to bond or stick to areas other than the seal tracks. This condition is known as ‘wetting’ and causes unpredictable or unstable peel force as well as visual concerns.

  • Formulated to minimize wetting
  • Suitable for any heat taping application
  • Complies with EIA-481 standards
  • Proven to perform with Advantek Carrier Tapes:
    • Tri-lam Polystyrene materials: C, D, X, V, T, I & J
    • Homogenous Polystyrene material: P

Material properties

Property Typical Value Test Method
Thickness 0.053 mm N/A
Adhesion to Carrier 50±20 grams EIA-481
Surface Resistivity ≥105, <1012 Ω/sq. ASTM D 257
Tensile Strength 11,000 PSI ASTM D 882
Elongation 120~140% ASTM D 882
Transmittance 93% ASTM D 1003
Haze 51% ASTM D 1003

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