"We ensure our success – and thereby yours!"

"I'm proud to say that we make great efforts to always safeguard operation excellence. That includes using lean tools and problem-solving six sigma methodology, so customers can rely on always getting highly efficient solutions from us very quickly."

Maricon Montero | Process Engineering Manager | Philippines
"There's a shared and very strong belief in team communication."

"Our operator-driven, daily 'cluster' meetings help address any productivity issues. That way, everyone is always up to date and can bring their individual strengths to the troubleshooting process."

Brenda Feng | Human Resources Manager | Taiwan
"We stay ahead by thinking ahead."

"A cornerstone of our success is our continued investment in R&D and equipment. That's what makes us a reliable, but visionary partner to our customers. By continuously improving our processes, we're in a good position to meet increasing value expectations."

Karin Laeufer | V.P. Global Sales | Germany
"Everyone at Advantek knows the goals and challenges."

"I think it adds to our effectiveness that we communicate our strategy in a comprehensive way throughout the organization. Especially in a company that stretches all over the globe, this creates a feeling of unity and common purpose."

Erna Qiu | Global Planning Director | China
"Taking pride in our work while having fun – that's the spirit!"

"Of course we're proud to provide high-value, precision component delivery solutions. But it's also just a lot of fun to be able to work with the technologies we love and to keep making them better."

Melvin Demiar | Innovations Engineer | USA

Advantek doesn‘t need to go global.
We already are.

We provide innovative solutions, products, processes and services – as a globally leading company with local reach for delivery and application support.