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Advantek VAPLOK™ Desiccants protect moisture-sensitive devices by absorbing airborne moisture particles which may be present inside a moisture barrier bag after vacuum packaging.

  • Meets EIA Std. 583 and MIL-D-3464, Type I and II.
  • Use with Advantek Humidity Indicator cards and DRYLOK® Moisture Barrier Bags for superior protection
  • Desiccant material can be either Clay or Silica Gel



VAPLOK™ Desiccants are made of Montmorillonite (bentonite) Clay or Silica Gel desiccant material packaged in printed, non-dusting, sulphur-free Tyvek® substrates.


Advantek VAPLOK™ Desiccants are available in several formats designed for small and large applications. Bag sizes vary from 1/6 unit packs to 4 unit packs. A unit of desiccant (33 grams) refers to its drying capacity, not its volume, and is the amount of desiccant which will absorb at least 3 grams of water vapor at 20% relative humidity and at least 6 grams of water vapor at 40% RH at 77F (25C) per JEDEC standard. The product is shipped in airtight packaging to prevent exposure to moisture.

Shelf Life and Storage

We recommend that VAPLOK™ desiccant products be used within 24 months of manufacture. Store this product in its original packaging in a climate-controlled environment where temperature ranges from 20°C +/- 16°C (68°F +/- 61°F) and relative humidity is 50% +/- 30%. Exceeding these recommended storage conditions could result in inconsistent product performance.

Unit Absorption Capacity at 20% RH, 77°F (25°C)

Clay = 3.67g
Silica Gel = 4.88g

Bag Size Material Part Number Bags Per Container
1/6 Unit Clay DML1/6Tx 2000/Paper carton; 1000/Can
Silica Gel DSG1/6Tx 2000/Paper carton; 1000/Can
1/3 Unit Clay DML1/3Tx 1200/Paper carton; 600/Can
Silica Gel DSG1/3Tx 1200/Paper carton; 600/Can
1/2 Unit Clay DML1/2Tx 800/Paper carton; 400/Can
Silica Gel DSG1/2Tx 800/Paper carton; 400/Can
1 Unit Clay DML1Tx 400/Paper carton; 200/Can
Silica Gel DSG1Tx 400/Paper carton; 200/Can
2 Unit Clay DML2Tx 200/Paper carton; 100/Can
Silica Gel DSG2Tx 200/Paper carton; 100/Can
4 Unit Clay DML4Tx 100/Paper carton; 60/Can
Silica Gel DSG4Tx 100/Paper carton; 60/Can

x=P for Paper carton; C for Can

Unit Absorption Capacity at 20% RH, 77°F (25°C)

Clay = 3.63g
Silica Gel = 3.03g

Bag Size Material Part Number Bags Per Container
1/6 Unit Clay DES1/6P 1200
1/3 Unit Clay DES1/3P 700
1/2 Unit Clay DES1/2P 550
1 Unit Clay DES1P 300
1 Unit Silica Gel SIG1P 300
2 Unit Clay DES2P 150
2 Unit Clay DES2D 800
2 Unit Silica Gel SIG2P 150
4 Unit Clay DES4D 500

P = Pail
D = Drum

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