Cover Tape > Type HUD Heat Activated Antistatic Cover Tape

Advantek’s Type HUD Cover Tape is an antistatic, transparent, heat sealable cover fi lm. It is engineered to protect and contain surface mount components in embossed polystyrene and polycarbonate carrier tapes.

  • Transparent to allow post-taping inspection of components while in the pocket
  • Suitable for fast tape application
  • Suitable for any heat sealing taping application
  • Consistent adhesion
  • Complies with EIA-481 standards
  • Proven to perform with these Advantek Carrier Tape materials:
    • Polystyrene, Homogenous Polystyrene
    • Polycarbonate



Type HUD Cover Tape contains a top layer of antistatic PET base film, and a bottom layer of heat activated adhesive coating layer. Both sides are antistatic to ensure the protection of static sensitive devices.



Type HUD Heat Activated Cover Tape is provided standard with 500 splice-free meters, customized length would be discussed case by case. Widths available include all EIA standard widths for carrier tapes between 8mm and 56mm, plus custom widths by special request.

Part Number (300m) Width
HUD0054-500 5.4mm +/- 0.1
HUD0055-500 5.5mm +/- 0.1
HUD0092-500 9.2mm +/- 0.1
HUD0093-500 9.3mm +/- 0.1
HUD0133-500 13.3mm +/- 0.1
HUD0135-500 13.5mm +/- 0.1
HUD0213-500 21.3mm +/- 0.1
HUD0255-500 25.5mm +/- 0.1
HUD0375-500 37.5mm +/- 0.1
HUD0495-500 49.5mm +/- 0.1

* Note: The part numbers listed here are just examples, you may check Advantek sales for the availability of other width and length.


Recommended Sealing Conditions (Single-Strike Seal Mode)
Temperature 140° - 190°C
Dwell Time 0.01 - 0.40 sec.
Pressure 30 - 70 PSI
Seal Rail Width 0.015 - 0.020” (0.38 - 0.51mm)


Material Properties
Property Typical Value Test Method/Standard
Thickness .053 mm N/A
Adhesion to Carrier 45+/-301 EIA-481
Surface Resistivity (ohms/square) Adhesive <1012
backside: <1012
ASTM D-257
Tensile Strength 9000 PSI ASTM D-882
Elongation 130% ASTM D-882
Transparency 91% Transmittance
57% Clarity
32% Haze
ASTM D-1003
Color Transparent

1Tests performed under specific sealing conditions.
Note: The values presented for this product are typical laboratory data and may be changed without notice.


Shelf Life and Storage

We recommend that the Advantek HUD Cover Tape be used within 12 months from the date of manufacture. Store this product in its original packaging in a climate-controlled environment with temperatures between 15°C~30°C and relative humidity between 20%~70%. Do not store in direct sunlight or excess temperature/humidity for prolonged periods of time. Allow the product to stabilize at room temperature for at least 4 hours prior to use


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