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Advantek’s Type APC Cover Tape is a conductive, pressure sensitive adhesive cover tape designed to protect and confine surface mount components within the pockets of our embossed polycarbonate carrier tapes. APC has a very stable acrylic adhesive that provides a full 2-year shelf life when stored under recommended conditions.

  • Engineered for Polycarbonate Carrier Tape
  • Re-sealable
  • Meets EIA-481 bonding/peel-back force requirements
  • Proven to work effectively with the following Advantek Carrier Tape materials:
    • Types G, N & Q Static Dissipative Polycarbonate



Type APC Cover Tape is constructed in three layers, a 0.00092” polyester base film over a 0.0010” pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, with a 0.00048” conductive polyester film on the device side.



Type APC Cover Tape is provided splice-free on 3” inner diameter plastic cores.

Part Number Tape Width Adhesive Width/Side Roll Length Rolls Per Box
APC0054-300 5.4mm 0.70mm 300m 50
APC0093-300 9.3mm 1.0mm 300m 30
APC0133-xxx 13.3mm 1.0mm 300 & 500m 15
APC0213-xxx 21.3mm 1.5mm 300 & 500m 10
APC0255-xxx 25.5mm 1.5mm 300 & 500m 10
APC0375-xxx 37.5mm 1.5mm 300 & 500m 5
APC0495-xxx 49.5mm 1.5mm 300 & 500m 5
APC0655-xxx 65.5mm 2.0mm 300 & 500m 4
APC0815-xxx 81.5mm 2.0mm 300 & 500m 3
APC0975-xxx 97.5mm 2.0mm 300 & 500m 2
Type APC Recommended Sealing Parameters
Application Method Roller @ 2 meters/minute
Temperature Ambient
Pressure 40 PSI
Humidity Ambient


Material Properties
Property Typical Value Test Method/Standard
Overall Thickness 0.0024” (0.061mm) ASTM D-374
Initial Adhesion to Carrier (Mean Value)** 5.5mm: 45 +/- 10 grams
9.3mm, 13.3mm, 21.3mm: 60 +/- 15 grams
>/= 25.5mm: 70 +/- 20 grams
Surface Resistivity Adhesive side: <1012 ≥ 105 ohms/square
Back side: Non-conductive
ASTM D-257
Tensile Strength 12,000 PSI ASTM D-882
Elongation 100% ASTM D-882
Overall Width Tolerance +/- 0.10mm Laser Micrometer
Adhesive Edge Tolerance +/- 0.20mm Laser Micrometer
Transparency 63% Transmittance ASTM D-1003
4% Haze
96% Clarity
Color Transparent metalized film NA

1Tests performed under specific sealing conditions on formed polycarbonate tape
**Aging at 52°C and 95% PH increased adhesion to carrier by 80%
Note: The values presented for this product are typical laboratory data and may be changed without notice.


Shelf Life and Storage

Type APC Cover Tape has a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture when kept in recommended conditions. Store this product in its original packaging in a climate-controlled environment where temperatures do not exceed 25°C (75°F) and relative humidity is under 80%. Exceeding these recommended storage conditions could result in inconsistent product performance.

Material Cover Tape Products
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PS, Homogenous PS X X X X     X X X




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