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DRYLOK® 2100 Static Shielding/Moisture Barrier Bag


Our DRYLOK® 2100 Static Shielding/Moisture Barrier Bag is engineered to protect contents from electro-static shock and moisture. Its durable 3.6 mil construction prevents punctures, helps ensure a vacuum seal and safeguards static- and moisturesensitive devices during transport and storage.

DRYLOK® 2100 bags are available in several standard sizes designed to contain matrix trays, tubes and 13” shipping reels and custom sizes can be made to fit the needs of nearly any project. When used with the Advantek® Desiccant and Humidity Indicator Cards, The DRYLOK® 2100 bags provide superior protection for Static- and moisture-sensitive devices.

• 3.6 mil thick with multiple layers of metallized polyester provide good puncture resistanc

• Meets requirements of EIA 541 and EIA 583


DRYLOK® 2100 Static Shielding/Moisture Bags are constructed in fi ve layers. This cross-section depicts the layer order from top (outermost layer) to bottom (inside of the bag). At the core is a layer of polyester sandwiched between aluminum shields. The outside layer is composed of static dissipative polyester, while the innermost layer next to the bag contents is static dissipative polyethylene.


DRYLOK® 2100 Static Shielding/Moisture Bags are available in custom sizes or in several industry standard sizes designed for reels, matrix trays and tubes. Bags are offered in a 2-seal configuration with a bottom fold or a 3-seal confi guration, each with our standard Advantek hotstamp or your company’s hot-stamped, flexographically printed logo, or in inner printing.

Shelf Life and Storage

We recommend that DRYLOK® 2100 bags be used within 2 years from the date of manufacture. Store this product in its original packaging in a climate-controlled environment where temperature ranges from 20°C +/- 16°C (68°F +/- 28°F) and relative humidity is 50% +/- 30%.

DRYLOK® 2100 Physical Properties
Property Typical Value Test Method/Standard
Thickness 3.6 mils +/- 10% N/A
Puncture Resistance >20 lbs FTMS 101 MTH 2065
MVTR <0.02 grams ASTM F 1249
Seam Strength Pass MIL-PRF-81705D
Heat Sealing Conditions

300°F - 400°F
0.6 - 4.5 seconds
30 - 70 PSI

DRYLOK® 2100 Electrical Properties
Surface Resistivity

< 10¹² ohms/square
< 10¹² ohms/square

ASTM D 257
ASTM D 257
Static Decay < 2 seconds FTMS 101 MTH 4046
Static Sheilding < 20 volts EIA 541

Note: These values were developed from random samples taken from production material. We believe them to be typical for the product. However, actual values may vary somewhat from those depicted above. You should determine product suitability based upon your own internal criteria.

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