Advantek’s LOKBAND® offers superior protection for components packaged in tape and reel. The band fastens to the outer edges of either a 13” or 22” reel, preventing the fl anges from crushing together during dry-pack or handling. The LOKBAND® also keeps the reel from unwinding if the protective wrap on the carrier tape detaches.

The LOKBAND® fi ts most 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm and 56mm wide 13” or 22” diameter reels. It is secured around the outer reel edge by snapping the edge together with an attached clip.

  • Antistatic properties for ESD protection for packaged component devices
  • Ends fasten together with a specially designed clip
  • Designed for use with 13” or 22” diameter plastic reels
  • Accommodates EIA standard carrier tape widths from 12mm to 56mm
  • Available in white or blue
Note: LOKBAND® for 22” reels is available in widths from 24mm to 56mm only.



The LOKBAND® is available in lengths designed for use with either a 13” or 22” diameter plastic reel. Lengths are 1,035mm (40.75”) for a 13” reel and 1,750mm (68.90”) for a 22” reel. The width of the LOKBAND® is dependent upon the width of the reel being used. The LOKBAND® for use with both 13” and 22” reels are available for EIA standard carrier tape widths from 12mm to 56mm. (Note: 12mm and 16mm are not available for 22” LOKBAND®.)

W0 W1
12mm 12.7mm 21mm
16mm 16.7mm 25mm
24mm 24.7mm 33mm
32mm 32.7mm 41mm
44mm 44.7mm 53mm
56mm 56.7mm 65mm

LOKBAND® Cross-section of Width (mm)

Shelf Life and Storage

We recommend that the Advantek LOKBAND® be used within 24 months from the date of manufacture. Store this product in its original packaging in a climatecontrolled environment where temperature ranges from 21°C +/- 17°C (70°F +/- 30°F). Allow the product to stabilize at room temperature prior to use. This product is not affected by humidity.

LOKBAND® Material Properties
Property Typical Value Test Method/Standard
Surface Resistivity <1011 ohms/square ASTM D-257
Material (band) Low-density polyethylene
Material (clip) Polypropylene N/A
Shelf Life (antistatic protection) 24 months N/A
Color (band) White or blue N/A
Color (clip) Black N/A

Note: The values presented for this product are typical laboratory data and are subject to change without prior notice. The bands are antistatic coated through immersion in solution. Re-use of this product may degrade the antistatic properties.

LOKBAND® Part Numbers (For use with 13” Reels)
Part Number* Width Length Qty/Box
LB10412AD 12mm 1,035mm (40.75”) 165
LB10416AD 16mm 1,035mm (40.75”) 150
LB10424AD 24mm 1,035mm (40.75”) 120
LB10432AD 32mm 1,035mm (40.75”) 90
LB10444AD 44mm 1,035mm (40.75”) 75
LB10456AD 56mm 1,035mm (40.75”) 60


LOKBAND® Part Numbers (For use with 22” Reels)
Part Number* Width Length Qty/Box
LB17524AD 24mm 1,750mm (68.90”) 80
LB17532AD 32mm 1,750mm (68.90”) 60
LB17544AD 44mm 1,750mm (68.90”) 50
LB17556AD 56mm 1,750mm (68.90”) 40

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