Advantek introduces type ‘P’ material carrier tape for low cost applications

Further addressing the needs of customers in our competitive market, Advantek introduces type P material. Type P is a polystyrene (PS) offering good strength and protection at a lower cost than standard material types. It comes in various thicknesses (0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm and 0.35mm) for use in 8 and 12mm width carrier tape.

The material is designed for high volume carrier tape demand at a pre-determined reel length; targeting devices like SOIC8, SOT23 and other passive/discrete devices.

click here to download a carrier tape product overview. 

Advantek continues to be the leader in component packaging products for the semiconductor industry – from embossed carrier tape, cover tape and LOKREEL (packaging reels) to HIC, desiccant and wafer laminating tape.